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Last night, we were driving back home after work.  We had just picked up Big A and Little A from childcare, and they were busily begging for biscuits and Big A was related stories about his day. It was a perfect sunset, and as we drove along past the patriotic view across Lake Burley Griffin to the High Court, National Library and beyond to Parliament House, I couldn’t help but let out a ‘wow’. “I am so happy being back in Canberra,” I said to hubbie.

New Zealand High Commission, Canberra
New Zealand High Commission, Canberra

And hubbie feels the same way.  Earlier that day, he had sent me a rather touching email.  Well, I was touched as I know he is a man of few words.  He wrote:

“Hi S,
Hope you are having a good day.

Although we didn’t go away between Easter and ANZAC Day, I enjoyed the weekend. Good food on the table, good friends to share a BBQ, time taking the boys to the playground and riding their bikes in our cul de sac, doing gardening, and of course, thanks to T, so we went out on Thursday night.

Just telling you I am grateful for all these.”

And we have had a wonderful time over these last two weekends, enjoying the glorious autumn weather — those crisp, blue skies that perfectly frame the changing reds and golds of the autumn treescape.  We laughed with friends, baked hot cross buns and ANZAC biscuits, invited other kids over for an Easter egg hunt in our backyard, over-ate at a barbecue lakeside at the John Knight park (the new, free barbecues are fantastic), ventured up to the national arboretum for a picnic, drove to the heritage town of Gundaroo, visited wineries in the Murrumbateman area, went out on a date night to the new CBD Dumpling House (then enjoyed  hot chocolates and dessert at Koko Black), and above all, just relaxed.

Hot chocolate at Koko Black
Hot chocolate at Koko Black
And the desset at Koko Black
And the dessert at Koko Black
Dumplings from CBD Dumpling House
Dumplings from CBD Dumpling House
Autumn colours
Autumn colours
Vines near Clonakilla winery
Vines — taken from the window at the tasting room at Clonakilla winery
Buying freerange eggs from Yass Valley Wines
Buying free range eggs from Yass Valley Wines

We have just returned to Canberra after an exciting three and a half years in Taipei.  I love Taiwan, the country my husband grew up in, and a place where my boys will always have a second identity.  People told me that I would come home with a thud, that I would be bored, that I would miss all the action.  I do have a strong connection withTaiwan (and continue to blog about it) , but I also love Canberra, and am enjoying exploring and reconnecting with our new family life here.  We are truly blessed.

So I was just thrilled when yesterday evening I scanned through my personal emails to find something from Visit Canberra — I have been accepted as one of the winners in the Canberra 101 Local Humans social media campaign!  (Over 1,150 people applied for the opportunity to participate in some unique special events, to give context for why I am particularly excited.)  Over the next months, I will be writing about family adventures and activities in Canberra.  And my family will be able to join me in some pretty special activities that will enable us to see Canberra in an entirely new light.  Bring it on!


  1. I’m looking forward to meeting you and the other 101 Humans, and to sharing our experiences of the city! We all come from such diverse backgrounds it seems, and we bring such different perspectives. I love the Arboretum too – what a forward thinking and beautiful idea.

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