Kippax Uniting Church Monster Garage Sale: 28 February

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Being a frugalista, I love nothing better than a good bargain.  And one of my favourite places to pick up a bargain or three (or more), is the Kippax Uniting Church’s twice-yearly garage sale.


I have been going to this garage sale on and off for seven years, and I always score bargains.  Like my set of French blue (brand new) tea cups that I always entertain guests with – I love how the light reflects off them when we sit on the deck having afternoon tea.  I still remember how they were only $5, and I have had them for yonks!

On my last visit, I picked up a dress pattern for 20c (which I am learning to sew with the help of my neighbour and inspired a year of style), toys for the children, three pairs of earrings including a set handcrafted in Byron Bay and another that looks likes sapphires, and a hand-painted china plate with Japanese lantern design (which I just love, especially for Chinese New Year snacks).

The kids were not forgotten, either.  They came away with a Wiggles Magazine (and special Captain Feathersword spyglass), a HUGE pencil-case filled with pencils and textas, hand-made gingerbread men (disappeared quickly), a jump in the jumping castle, sausage sizzle for lunch and Little A had his face painted with Thomas the Tank Engine.

The garage sale supports charitable activities of the Kippax Uniting Church.  For information about contributing goods, or checking our anything else, contact 6254 1733 or

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