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I have had lots of fun making spaetzle for my boys.  What is spaetzle, you might ask?  Read on for my recipe, and a special free giveaway of two spaetzle makers courtesy of Spaetzle Recipes valued at $45.95 each.

Spaetzle mit wurst
Spaetzle mit wurst – German pasta dumplings with chorizo sausages

Spaetzle is type of noodle like dish, sort of like cross between pasta and pancakes.  I love it in a comfort food way that only home-cooked food can achieve. It is popular in southern Germany and Austria.  When I was in High School I went on a student exchange to Germany and went schooling with my homestay sisters to Austria.  There I discovered spaetzle.  Drenched in icing sugar it was a treat to look forward to after a day on the ski slops.  Yum! I became hooked.

I always thought that spaetzle was incredibly fiddly and tricky to make, so I had never gotten up the courage to try.  But I have discovered that using the right equipment, in this case a Silit Profi spaetzle maker, it is quite easy.  Well, it did take me a minute or so to get the knack of the technique but spaetzle is forgiving.  My technique here in this quick video is not perfect, but you get the idea. (Thanks to my Dad for taking the video.)

Little A just loved eating spaetzle.  I joked that he was eating little worms.  He ate it all up, with cheese on top. I made a more adult version for myself and my Dad.

Little A eating spaetzle and looking cute
Looking cute – Little A eating spaetzle
Little A eating spaetzle
Yum, more spaetzle


Spaetzle batter
3 cups flour
2 tablespoons milk powder
3 eggs
1 1/4 cups water (approximately)
1 tablespoon oil (for cooking)

1 tablespoon butter
1 onion, chopped
1 chorizo sausage, finley chopped
3-4 shiitake mushrooms, soaked in water and chopped
3 tablespoons yoghurt
parsley or other herbs


  1. Put the flour and milk powder into a bowl.  Add the eggs, and then gradually add the water.  The aim is to create a firm batter.  It will kind of look like a pancake butter, but it will be thicker.  An ideal spaetzle batter will have ‘holes’ in it, i.e. air pockets you can see as you mix it.  You want something that is just right: too thin and the batter will fall through the holes without enough shape, too much and it won’t push through at all.  (It is easier than it might sound to get right.)
    Eggs, milk powder and flour
    Eggs, milk powder and flour
    Ms Frugal Ears mixing the spaetzle batter
    Mixing spaetzle batter

    Spaetzle air holes
    When the spaetzle batter is at the right consistency, it should have air ‘holes’ in it
  2. Leave the batter to rest for at least 20 minutes before using.  This step will help to thicken the batter and make it much easier to form nice pasta-like shapes.
  3. To cook, bring a medium sized saucepan full of water, a generous spoon of salt and one tablespoon of oil to the boil.  The size you want is the size you would usually use for cooking pasta.
  4. Put the spaetzle maker onto one side of the saucepan, and dollop a generous spoon of batter.  Working from the outside in, squeeze the batter through the holes using the spatula provided.

    Spooning the spaetzle into the Silit Profi spaetzle maker
    Spooning the spaetzle into the Silit Profi spaetzle maker
  5. Work in batches.  The spaetzle cooks quickly, and is ready when it floats to the top.  Remove with a slotted spoon and either serve immediately or put aside until needed. (You can use cold spaetzle in this recipe but fresh is nicer.)
    Using the spaetzle scraper
    Using the spaetzle scraper – I am actually going in the wrong direction in this photo – thankfully spaetzle is very forgiving

    Cooking spaetzle
    Cooking spaetzle – these were some of my early ones before I got the hang of it. They are quite short, but were still yummy
  6. To make the sauce, fry the onion, mushrooms and sausages in butter until cooked through.

    Onion, chorizo and mushrooms
    Frying onion, chorizo and mushrooms in butter
  7. Add the spaetzle, stir to combined and then stir through the yoghurt and cook for a further minute or two.  Shortly before serving stir through the parsley.
Spaetzle mit wurst served and ready to eat
Spaetzle mit wurst ready to eat

Cost (all prices based on ALDI products):

Flour: 30c
Milk powder: 30c
Eggs: 66c
Oil: 20c
Butter:  20c
Onion:  30c
Chorizo sausage: $1.50
Mushrooms:  80c
Yoghurt (homemade):  15c
Herbs (homegrown, free)

Total:  $4.41


Ms Frugal Ears has two Silit Profi spaetzle makers to give away valued at $45.95, courtesy of spaetzlereciples.com.  Made in Germany, the Silit Profi is stainless steel, sturdy, easy to clean, easy to use, and will have you making spaetzle a regular part of your family’s food repertoire in no time.

To win a Silit Profi spaetzle maker, simply leave a comment on this blog post about you would cook spaetzle.


I hope you enjoyed this recipe.  I would love to see pictures of spaetzle.  Please share on Instagram @msfrugalears, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/weekendparent or Twitter @msfrugal ears.


  1. Your recipe sounds delicious! I would make spaetzle for a German themed family meal at home served with a generous helping of butter as an accompaniment to schnitzel. Two of my favourite comfort foods!

  2. I have never heard of spaetzle before but it looks delicious! I would love to try making it – looks fun. And you just can’t go past chorizo can you? Would make your recipe for my first attempt I reckon.

    1. Ah thanks for the vote of confidence in my recipe! I think any kind of sausage and spaetzle is a good combination. I had them tonight for dinner in homemade chicken soup, and that was yummy as well.

  3. Finally a recipe and product that, when combined, will mop up the last juice from Bolognese sugo. Thank you for the chance.

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