Money Monday: An overview of savings in 2016/17 Entertainment Book

A few weeks ago I went to the launch of the 2016/17 Entertainment Book.  I am excited to share with you a sneak peak of what is in it.

Ent book

Regular readers will know that I love my Entertainment Book. I came to the Entertainment Book rather reluctantly; as a frugalista who (until recently at least) rarely dined out, I was not convinced I would ever use it.  But use it I did. In fact last year I saved almost $300 dollars.

And this year I am determined to save even more on my Entertainment Book.

In response to a question I received via my blog, do I spend just to make savings on my Entertainment Book? Well, yes and know.  The Entertainment Book informs my purchases. I spend hours flicking through the book and through it I often learn about restaurants and attractions that I might not otherwise have heard about.  And if there is a choice between businesses, e.g. restaurants, I will usually chose the one that is in the Entertainment Book. I also chose my petrol station based on the one that accepts Wish cards.

But do I spend JUST to rack up ‘savings’ in the Entertainment Book?  No, not at all.  Spending just to make a small saving is never good sense. If you don’t need something, the biggest saving you can make is not to buy it.

Used wisely, however, the 2016/17 Entertainment Book is good value.  Here are some good deals in it:

  • For registered card holders, there are competitions throughout the year – I just won a double movie pass for commenting on a post;
  • Wish gift cards that can be used at Woolworths (including select Caltex stations), Big W and other shops such as BWS are available at 5% discount for e-cards.  There is no limit on the amount that you can purchase.  At the moment there is a promotion where you can go into the draw to win a $5,000 shopping spree;
  • David Jones is once again offering 10% discount on gift cards;
  • Petals Florist is again offering 20% off its deliveries (I used this service five times last year for gifts – very handy for interstate birthdays);
  • Rebel Sport is included this year and offers 10% discount on e-gift cards.

For people with a Canberra book there are some new restaurants and some continuing good deals:

  • Little Oink offers 2 for 1 at up to $30 value (I have used this already for breakfast);
  • 2 for 1 tickets to the Brumbies (used already);
  • 2 for 1 at Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar – I know one person who bought the book to get these vouchers for semi-regular takeaways;
  • There is a new ‘regional’ dining section that includes popular options nearby and even in Sydney; and
  • There are several restaurants in the increasingly popular Kingston Foreshore area including C Dine Bar, The Dock, Wild Duck and Movenpick;
  • The Conservatory at the National Arboretum provides 25% off the total bill up to $40 value;
  • 25% off (including on annual membership) at the National Zoo and Aquarium; and
  • 2 for 1 at several family friendly attractions including Questacon and Yarralumla Play Station.

The 2015/16 Entertainment Book can be used until 1 June.  If you purchase a new 2016/17 book now, you can use either.  This is also the case if you purchase a digital membership. If you would like to purchase a book in support of my work social club, I would be happy to sell you one.  20% of the price of all purchases goes to support the local charity that sells the book.


  1. We have bought these a couple of times and I think they are good value. They are especially good if you have out of town guest come- some of the tourist coupons (museums, attractions, etc) are fantastic value. And you can always use them to entertain the kids!

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