$5 Friday: Zucchini fritters

I love zucchini fritters. Especially at Turkish restaurants. I used to be vegetarian, so these were kind of a staple for me if dining out Turkish.  But I don’t need an occasion to enjoy them.

A close-up photo of zucchini fritters with rocket and beetroot dip

I am sometimes surprised that zucchini fritters haven’t caught on the Aussie kitchen repertoire the same way that corn fritters have.  It is a similar concept as it can be served for a light dinner or for breakfast.  But zucchini fritters are super frugal when in season, especially if you have a vegie patch going gang busters (or a neighbour over the back fence who is desperate to get rid of some).  This time of year as winter approaches there is a bit of a mad rush to use them up (at least there is in Canberra).

This is my recipe for zucchini fritters.  I really like mine made with mint and black pepper, but you can use other fresh herbs such as basil.  Being frugal, I use perhaps only half of a block of ALDI fetta.  (And I often use homemade cheese from strained yoghurt or even homemade ricotta.)  If you are less frugal than me you can go all out and use more fetta, but I think this is adequate.  You could even get away with less.


1/2 cup self raising flour
1 egg
2 tablespoons Greek yoghurt (mainly the whey)
100g fetta cheese
1/2 small/medium onion, chopped
2 cups grated zucchini
salt, pepper

Zucchini fritters - only $2.57

Total (based on ALDI)

Flour – 5c
Egg – 22c
Yoghurt – 10c
Fetta cheese – $1.50
Onion – 20c
Zucchini – 50c (or free if gifted)
Herbs (homegrown)

Total: $2.57


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