$50/week challenge – and then there was Easter

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Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves
Little A cycling under the Canberra Autumn leaves over Easter

Happy Easter!  Did you have a good long weekend.  Well, we certainly did in the Ms Frugal Ears household.  And we still did it while maintaining our $50 a week challenge.

We went over a little bit this week, spending $59.55 at ALDIWe used a trolley (I know, I know), and I succumbed to letting the kids have their favourite ice-cream for ice-cream Friday (crowns if you want to know), and I was feeling a bit emotionally down (split with Mr Red Sports Car, sigh), so I indulged in some New Zealand white chocolate and raspberry ice-creams. Like that is going to make my relationship woes better!  The boys were with me all this week for the school holidays and then Easter, so I probably needed to spend a bit more than usual, and we had run out of some essentials like dishwashing tablets and cling wrap.  After the underspend last week that was all fine.

Shhhh, Easter Bunny didn’t come to our house.

Let me be clear here that my boys have had a LOT of chocolate.  We had an Easter Egg hunt on Good Friday while at a lovely and leisurely pot luck party (I bought eggs to contribute, part of the $59.55 spend, although with the value of hindsight I would have bought more).  They got chocolate bunnies from their Dad. I know they are getting more chocolate from their Nana (who refuses to be called a Nana so goes by the name of Lee Lee instead) next weekend.  And they have chocolate eggs at church and another Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday.  We also made chocolate eggs together with our neighbour on Easter Monday.  All up they had so much chocolate that when offered the opportunity to participate in the Easter egg hunt at Old Parliament House on Sunday they said no!

Making chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies
Making chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies, or is that just eating molten chocolate?

Easter Bunny doesn’t really exist in Taiwan, and it wasn’t a tradition they were brought up with. I kind of forgot about it, actually, until a friend at church asked me about whether Easter bunny came.  One day they might twig, but for now I am keeping my secret safe.

And while I made a batch of hot cross buns for the pot luck (which we also enjoyed for morning tea with the neighbours), my boys aren’t really into them either.

This week I am home alone, although sadly for me I have just come down with a cold.  I will be using up as much as I can in my fridge before I head up to the Gold Coast to see family.

How much do you spend on Easter eggs?  Does Easter Bunny come to your house? 



    1. Homemade hot cross buns, are the best aren’t they? Yours looked soft and lovely. Mine didn’t rise as I would have liked them to this year, but still homemade communicates a love that shop bought can never do.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter in your world, we didnt do anything Easter this year, didnt even eat a hot cross bun, although our gorgeous neighbour delivered a chocolate bunny and bottle of wine for us to share, so I guess we sort of celebrated. 🙂

    I love that you shop so frugally, I tried without the trolley and had to go back as I forgot many key items I needed. Lol! But, you do inspire me to consider what I purchase, so the weekly shopping costs are gradually coming down.

    1. I think chocolate and wine with a neighbour qualifies as a celebration:) Wine, if you think about it, is also a spiritual part of Easter.

      Ah, forgetting things when shopping. That is always an issue. A list helps. As does accepting that sometimes you forget things and having the faith you will improvise and make do:)

  2. We were camping at Easter this time and woke up to find another camper had left 3 chocolate eggs outside our camper trailer. Thank you, Easter Camping Bunny! Easter isn’t really about the chocolate for us, but we do enjoy eating it, and fortunately our girls are old enough now to understand that if we wait until a day or so after Easter, sometimes we can find the better quality Easter chocolate at greatly discounted prices. Worth waiting for!

  3. We don’t spend any money on Easter eggs. With no children at home, it makes it easier to avoid that extra expense on chocolates. Plus we end up coming home with chocolates from egg hunts at work haha! We have a $60 weekly budget for groceries but sometimes we find that we don’t need as much some weeks.

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