Day 3: Energy challenge – embracing the apres ski life

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IMG_20170809_113244.jpgGreeting from the snow! I am indulging in my non frugal habit and going skiing.  And the best part on skiing happens afterwards, aka apres ski.

Firstly I need to apologize. I don’t have WiFi at my accommodation, the lovely Lake Crackenback Resort.  So I am blogging from my phone.  Imperfect action indeed!


It is lovely here. We just love coming back to our chalet of an evening to listen to music, have some hot gluhwein and just relax.

I always find it interesting how when you are skiing you willingly put up with cold.  To seek the best snow and runs you will put up with cold and sometimes discomfort. But the rewards are so worth it!


Then afterwards it is time to celebrate the runs down the mountain by eating warming foods and chilling.

I often wonder, why don’t more people think of their home as a chalet?  How could you make it warm and cosy? How could you also accept some of the cold that goes with winter as something positive, as a celebration of the seasons?

Having the heaters on full bore is obviously expensive, but are there little things you could do to celebrate winter in the home?  Candles on the table, favourite winter woolies (or ponchos), cuddles on the couch, movie nights in, or exploring favourite cafes with fireplaces?

I have lovely memories of a friend’s 40th birthday in early winter. Held outside, she lit a bonfire and people drank soup and huddled around the fire.  I love a good fire pit in the cold!

I recently created a Frugal Dare to Millionaire Facebook group and just love the supportive community that has sprung up there, and stories from people on this challenge.

I would love to hear your favourite frugal solutions for celebrating the winter weeks. What do you do to rejoice in winter?  


  1. Awww, I wish I was skiing right now – the snow looks great! It’s funny because I’m always drawn to snowy places for holidays, but at home I *hate* being cold and I live in South East Queensland. I don’t celebrate winter at all and herald the arrival of spring with open arms. The exception is enjoying outdoor activities like hiking that are harder to do in summer because of the heat. But maybe it would be nice to start celebrating the winter weeks 🙂

    1. My family is in South East Queensland (Gold Coast), and I must say the clear, balmy winters are a delight. A bit envious. I do like the change of seasons, though. And I love hiking and walking in winter.

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