Day 4 – energy challenge – get the best deal

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IMG_20170808_165033.jpgI promised this challenge would save you money.  And today’s challenge will save you big time.

This tip comes courtesy of my lovely friend Marg from Canberra Secrets. She has saved 15% off her electricity bill.  Remember that exercise on day one?  My electricity bill for the winter quarter was $850. How much was yours? And how much could you save?

There are various online energy calculators.  I haven’t used any and find them confusing, but would love to hear your experiences.

What Marg did instead was to ask her existing energy provider – and in return for her customer loyalty she got 15% off.

There is power to asking nicely.  I recently did a five day boot camp with coach Holly MacCue about asking for what you want. It really opened my eyes to possibilities about how asking for what you want can be so powerful.

So go on, I dare you. Ring your electricity or utility company and ask them, nicely, what their best offer is. And I would love to hear about the results of it on the Frugal Dare to Millionaire Facebook group – come and join the conversation.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration to call my energy provider. I only got an extra 2% discount (total 12%) off my bill, however after comparing rates and usage charges there were no other companies that could match or beat the total bill cost. Better than nothing though nowhere near as impressive as your example!

    1. That’s still a good discount – better than nothing! I just rang my provider. Yep, blogged about it before implementing it, and got 12% off on a new 12 month contract. I wonder if I could have gotten a better deal if I rang around. Possibly. But I will take 12% for now, which is better than nothing. How much does your extra 2% add up to over the course of a year?

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