Day 6 – Energy challenge – curtains, blinds and double glazing

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Alpine lodge with curtains
View of our alpine chalet at Lake Crackenback Resort

One of the best things you can do to reduce heating costs is simply to to keep your home warm.  And it starts with your curtains and blinds.

Do you have good quality, thermal backed curtains or blinds in your home?  If not, perhaps it is time to invest in them.  Quality curtains with pelmets on top can dramatically decrease heat loss in your home.  It is important that your curtains fit properly, without any large gaps that will allow cool air to come through and heat to escape.  The basic rule is that as soon as the sun goes down that you draw your curtains.  It is a waste of energy to have a heater going while the curtains are open.

Of course an alternative is to install double glazing. If you have lots of money and a status home with spectacular views you might want to consider this.  This is something that will enhance the aesthetic value of your home, so that you can feel like a cosy mountain lodge looking out at the sunset or the fairy lights below.  It will reduce the heat loss in your home dramatically, but if you have large windows it will come at a cost that probably won’t be worth it in energy savings.  Simply put – install double glazing if you want to look out through your windows on a winters’ night without feeling cold but otherwise it is not worth the money.

There are some products around that act like double glazing but at a fraction of the cost. Basically they are a plastic covering that you install over the glass. It kind of looks like that contact you use for covering books, but a bit more sophisticated. I bought some once but never got around to installing it. It doesn’t look quite as chic as double glazing but it isn’t a bad substitute.

Do you have any good tips regarding using curtains, blinds or double glazing to reduce heat loss? If so, join the conversation on the new Frugal Dare to Millionaire Facebook group!

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