Day 9 – energy challenge – rejoice in your flannies

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Ms Frugal Ears in flannelette pajamas and a dressing gown
Bad hair and all, this is me on a Sunday morning hanging out in my flannies:) Got changed just in time for visitors to arrive mid morning.

Cold weather and warm pajamas – rejoice in your winter flannies.

Do you own a pair of flannelette pajamas? If so, do you wear them in winter?

Today’s challenge is simple – rejoice in your flannies.  On super cold days here in Canberra, such as the coldest weekend in 20 years in Canberra (at last minus seven and eight, probably more likely down to at least nine degrees – colder than Thredbo), we kind of hang out in our flannies. Not all day, but pretty much most of the day.  On that weekend in question, we only ventured out once (reluctantly, I had a computer I needed to get fixed) and I let Little A go out in his flannies.

Bad mother syndrome?  Maybe.  But we get warm.

One of my Taiwanese friends, who is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, said that in winter it is natural for us to slow down.  Animals in the wild go into full or partial hibernation.  It follows that it is quite okay for humans to take it easy when the weather is cold as well.  Well, I do like hitting the slopes and I have been cycling in the cold weather, but for the most part, I really like to just relax into the cold and hang out in my flannies – hot water bottle optional.  It feels great to stay warm and of course, it reduces heating costs.

Do you enjoy hanging out in your warm PJs in winter?  If so, I would love to see your picture.  Your challenge for today is to rejoice in your flannies and to share a picture on the Frugal Dare to Millionaire Facebook group


  1. I’m a big fan of UGG boots here to keep warm! I’ll often wear a dressing gown on top of everything around the house here in winter as it is quite cold with the tiles. Rugging up is a great way to stay warm without spending a lot on heating.

  2. Ooooh, now I soooo want some UGG boots. Not cheap but good ones are a long-term investment. Rugging up is an amazing way to stay warm economically, isn’t it? And kind of obvious yet people don’t seem to do it.

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