Spring cleaning challenge – vinegar for cleaning

What is one of the cheapest cleaners you will ever use?  Well, possible it is old newspaper or even water – but pretty close behind is vinegar.  My friend Kirsty from Make It Bake It Snap It buys 5 litres for $2.79 from Costco and a little goes a long way. Plus is it non-toxic, gentle, effective and safe to use in your home (which many commercial cleaners aren’t).

Recently Kirsty and I did a Facebook Live together about the many uses for cleaning with vinegar.  Checkout our Facebook live – it was lot of fun.

Following our chat, Kirsty put together a compilation of some of our favourite uses for cleaning with vinegar. You can check it out here.

Your challenge for today is to fid out at least one use for vinegar in your home. If you replace just one or two expensive cleaners with vinegar, you will save hundreds of dollars in cleaning products.  And your house will be clean and beautiful.





    1. I hear you. I don’t like the ‘chemical clean smell as much, but I guess we have gotten used to that way too much.

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