$5 Friday – salsa corn chicken

Salsa corn chicken

What to cook on a weeknight using up some leftovers? This is quick and easy and tender and oh so delicious. Oh, and it is really, really cheap to make as well.

It is school fete season here in Canberra. I was on the curry and chilli stall at my kids’ school fete last weekend.  I made nachos, and we grilled corn.  And I had a lot of salsa, corn, sour cream and stuff leftover.  This led to my slow cooker creation.

In the summer entertaining season, there are often dip and chips, and this leads to a lot of leftover salsa. It often amazes me how people throw out an opened jar of salsa because, well, just because it is opened and doesn’t look so new.  Take it home and eat it, or make this dish instead.

OK, so this recipe is a tad over my $5 budget limit. But I made it specifically to use up leftovers. You could make it cheaper and to fit within budget by using frozen corn kernels and chicken wings. Or you could go slightly over budget and make a real meal of it.


2 corn cobs (cut off the cobs)
1/2 cup passata
1/2 cup salsa
1kg (6-7) chicken drumsticks
Oregano (from garden)
Tabasco sauce (extra)
Sour cream (optional)
Salt & pepper


  1. Cut the corn off the cob and place in the slow cooker.
  2. Place the chicken drumsticks on top (note: frozen is fine and actually this works really well mid-week as it will be ready if you turn on in the morning by the time you get home at night). Pour over the passata and salsa.
  3. Turn the slow cooker on low and cook for more than six to eight hours.
  4. Serve topped with sour cream and oregano, and some tabasco if you would like a bit of spice.

Total cost

Corn $2
Passata 50c
Salsa 50c
Chicken drumsticks $3.99
Sour cream 10c

Total:  $7.09