The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb

Day 1: #joyfulgiving366

One of the things I gave away on Day 1

I know that conventionally, you are supposed to start a challenge on 1 January. But I am not a conventional person, and I decided to start on 30 December.

A friend invited me out for dinner and karaoke with other friends. I didn’t think I would know anyone, but it turned out that I used to work in the same Department as all three. It was fun to move from interacting in a professional space to something that was more relaxed and fun. I learnt so much about my former colleagues that I had never known before. I wondered in passing why we never had some of those conversations at work.

I took along a bag full of stuff. To be honest, I worried they would think I was slightly weird. I mean, who turns up to dinner and karaoke with a bag of second-hand things? Surprisingly, my friends took all but two of the items. I ended up giving away SIX items. Whoa, I couldn’t have been happier with my start to the #joyfulgiving365 challenge.

A blue flower bobby pin and a pair of diamante earrings – my friend totally rocks them, but to me they were just clutter

I gave away:

  1. A blue fabric (linen?) flower bobby pin. I wondered if anyone would want this, and nearly threw it away. But then I thought about the One Red Paperclip challenge (I recently read the book), and thought someone might like it. It was the first thing I gave away. I felt it was a sign.
  2. A book of cocktail recipes. I bought this on special maybe 15 years ago. It seemed like a bargain. I’ve never used it. I drink cocktails when I go on a cruise:) My friend wanted it for her daughter.
  3. A pair of diamonte earrings. I bought these from a wholesale shop in Taiwan that supplied many night market vendors. They were ridiculously cheap, yet very good quality. It was a secret place that only locals in the know knew about, and I kind of went nuts buying jewellery. Many of the pieces are firm favourites, but I’ve had these earrings for around eight years. I’ve worn them once. They suited my friend better.
  4. An ASOS black dress. My sister gave this to me. I liked it, but I had two similar ones and didn’t think I would wear it. My friend liked it.
  5. A purple and white see-through peasant top. I thought I might wear it, but I’ve got some similar things and I don’t have a good cami to go underneath it.
  6. The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb. I bought this book at my local Vinnies for a few dollars. It is a great read – Annabel Crabb is an amazing writer. I wanted to give it to someone who would like it. One of my new friends was keen to take it.
I’ve had this book since before my kids were born. I picked it up on special. And I’ve never used it. In fact, I forgot I even had it. My friend wanted it for her daughter.
Two outfits that were gifted to me – I like them both, but don’t think I would wear them. I’m happy they are going to someone who will. And look how happy my friend is with these new outfits!

So first day into the challenge and I have gifted six items. 359 days to go!

Tell me, have you ever turned up to a social event with friends with a bunch of things to giveaway?


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