Serina and Jody with a copy of Grow Rich The Legacy

Day 15: #joyfulgiving366 – thinking big

Me with Jodi from Hot Spots Photography

Yesterday, I caught up with a new friend and one of her good friends to think big thoughts about future possibilities. And out of it came not one, but THREE events.

I met again with my friend Bin, who I caught up with last week. She suggested at that catchup that I meet another friend, Jodi Shephard from Hot Shots Photography.

It was one of those meetings where ideas just flew. All of us have strong, positive ositive energy, and all of us want to make a difference. In our short meeting we came away with ideas for how we could help each other in two definite, three possible events. We’ve agreed to meet regularly, perhaps with others, and form our own community of helping. For now, hopefully, I’ll be able to announce soon what we are planning. Watch this space!

Bin had told me how lovely Jodi was, and said that Jodi also has positive energy. So I took a copy of James Whittaker’s modern collection of Think and Grow Rich inspired stories.

I loved this book, and I hope that Jodi loves it, too.

Jodi Shepherd aka Hot Shots Photography and I with a copy of the book I gave her.

Canberra and bushfires

But first, it was cool today. There was hardly any wind and it felt oddly normal. Except for the smoke haze that has now crept into Canberra valley and just seems to linger. Everyone wants to do their part to help. And it’s not over yet.

Jodi had been working with the G Spot Canberra who have been organising deliveries of emergency supplies to Cobargo and other towns on the coast, taking photos of what the incredible work they have been doing. (Checkout the #slabsforheroes Facebook Group.) She had some touching stories to tell about how what they were doing made a difference. Do you know what people really wanted, craved and needed? Toothbrushes. Yup. Toothbrushes. Some people hadn’t been able to brush their teeth since New Year’s Eve. I guess when you are evacuated in a hurry, that is the last thing you would think of packing (I know I would be more focused on getting the kids and me in the car!)

Jodi also asked me to share this:

Sometimes the gift is not so much the object, but the gift of encouragement and belief. Have you ever helped encourage a friend to reach for the stars?

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