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Joyfulgiving366 – Day 62 – digital and creative adventures

On Friday, I ventured out to work at my a cool co-working space in Canberra called Keep Co.

Sometimes, being a creative would-be entrepreneur can feel quite lonely. When at home, I am caught between looking at things in our apartment that need to be cleaned/tidied up/washed, and worrying about things I have not yet written or done. And often I will forget to take a lunch break, or even a break at all, then there isn’t a defined end of the day – then I worry I haven’t done anything productive and beat myself up. It’s not that I’m not working hard at home; it’s just that it is a bit harder to focus.

There’s a lot to recommend being in a productive working environment with other people. It creates a certain synergy effect. Even if you are sitting next to someone who has earphones on, you have this sense of collective energy. And I meet so many amazing people.

Like Bree Element, a natural-born storyteller who has just founded C!News. This is her on the cover of The Canberra Weekly a few weeks ago. (I love that red and white print!)

Check out her cheeky story about former MAFS star, Sam Ball, who now lives in Canberra. She met him in a queue for Kingsley’s chicken. Only in Canberra!

Since Bree has just started her own digital business, I gave her a copy of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets. A friend who was in the Canberra Innovation Network on an incubation program recommended I read Russell Brunson’s work a few years ago, and it was transformative. There are a lot of things I don’t yet do, but a lot of interesting insights I took away.

Oh, and this is Bree and I at a fabulous talk she delivered as part of a Winederlust series of events recently. (I’m speaking at an event in a few weeks’ time.)

I come from a family of creative minded people, and (oddly) I’m only now beginning to realise that I think in different ways to many other people. I struggled sometimes being in a conventional office environment, and I love the freedom of having creative autonomy. But I’m not yet sure that I have totally got the balance right. It’s a day by day thing.

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  1. Book: Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson.

What do you to bring creative energy into your life?

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