bridal shower hat

Joyfulgiving366 – Day 67 – Buy Nothing giveaways

bridal shower hat
A gift for my bridal shower – no I’ve paid it on forward

Today I gave two things via my local Buy Nothing group.

Day 67 was straight forward in terms of giving.

While cleaning with my boys in their room last week, I noticed a second pack of Pokemon UNO cards. They like Pokemon UNO, but we only need one pack. This was unopened, so I gave it away.

Pokemon UNO
A packet of Pokemon UNO cards

The same lady who collected this, also collected a hair accessory I had been given for my bridal shower/hen’s party.

bridal shower hat

My good friend, Tanya, who used to work with my Neil gave this to me. She was so sweet and caring – she’s a real empath. I was actually feeling a bit fraught ahead of the wedding because of some family dramas – a series of them actually. I was organising this bridal shower (mostly) myself and I worried that no one would come. She volunteered to be there for me and look after me. I was so touched.

With my friend Tanya at my bridal shower
My friend Tanya and I at my bridal shower

On the day, my apartment filled with ladies – friends and new family – good food, sparkling wine and tea in my China teacups. Soon we were all laughing and I was no longer worried. This was such a lovely hair ornament on a special day. But what do you do with it after an event like that? I’m not planning on getting married again, and most of my friends are already married. I decided to enjoy the photos and gift this forward. The lady who took it wanted it for her daughter, who is getting married soon.

Do you have any items that once held emotional attachment for you but that are no longer relevant?

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