Zonta Preloved Fashion Sale

Joyfulgiving366 – Days 65 and 66 – Zonta Preloved Fashion Sale

One of the members of the Zonta Club of Canberra Breakfast models some of the items that will be on sale on 13 and 14 March

On day 65, I didn’t give anything away. But then on day 66, I gave away some clothes.

I joined the Zonta Club of Canberra Breakfast last year. I feel proud and honoured to belong to a service club that is committed to empowering woman and girls. And each year, they have an amazing preloved fashion sale. This year it is on 13 and 14 March.

On day 66, we had our monthly morning meeting. I went along with a bag of clothes, which I gave ahead of the sale. It’s not the only clothes I have given them, and to be honest, most of them aren’t from me. People gave so generously at the January clothes swap that I hosted and I had a lot of top brands to pass on.

Some clothes and items ready for the Zonta Preloved Fashion Sale

Having been behind the scenes for the organisation of this, I am impressed. The ladies organising this event are ever so stylish, and they (and their friends) know and understand good fashion. They get some incredibly generous donations. And then they take great care in sorting through them – firstly to ensure that only top quality items go into the sale, and secondly to ensure that the whole process is sustainable. Nothing is wasted and all items are treated with respect.

Admission to the Saturday, 14 March event is free. The preview event on Friday, 13 March costs $25, and tickets can be purchased in advance through Try Booking.

#joyfulgiving366 tall

Oops, I forgot to count! I guestimate there are around a dozen high quality clothing and accessory items in this bag. So I will count it as 12.

I hope to see you there at the Zonta Preloved Fashion Sale!

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