Amelia Bidgood shares her Special Guest book

Joyfulgiving366 – Day 69 – Eat Canberra and visiting my inlaws

Amelia Bidgood from Eat Canberra

On Friday morning, I had a fabulous meeting with Amelia Bidgood from Eat Canberra.

Amelia runs foodie tours in Canberra, and she knows the food scene here better than probably anyone else I know (including me). She’s passionate about promoting food and tourism in the region. And that’s not all she does – she also provides advice and assistance on social media and often organises foodie events. She introduced me to a new term: the multi-passionate entrepreneur. OMG, that’s me!!! And we both share the multi-passionate journey.

I have wanted to connect with Amelia for ages, but on this occasion, it was to talk about planning for a scone baking contest in Canberra. Stay tuned for more information.

Knowing how much she loves food, I gifted her a copy of Annabel Crabb and Wendy Sharp’s cookbook Special Guest: Recipes for the happily imperfect host.


We drove out that evening to have dinner with my inlaws. We never go out there empty-handed.

My mother-in-law, Pat, thankfully thought this was a great joke. (She kept the loo paper, though).

We also took a loaf of sourdough bread out with us and a bag of food scraps for their chooks.

After my Studio 10 appearance last year, I had some people suggest that we go out to dine with my inlaws to save money. Pat thought that was very funny: it’s a 45-minute drive each way, so we definitely don’t go out there because we are cheapskates in search of a free meal. We go to see them because we value family and because we like seeing them. A shared love of good food is a bonus, and we love the fresh eggs we come home with. (Oh, and Pat gave me a pair of size 37 black ballet flats ahead of a clothes swap party.)

#joyfulgiving366 tally

  1. Book: Special Guest: Recipes for the happily imperfect host by Annabel Crabb and Wendy Sharp
  2. A roll of toilet paper
  3. A loaf of home-baked sourdough bread
  4. A big bag of scraps for the chooks

Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur?

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