Scones with jam and cream

Joyfulgiving366 – Day 71 – Swishing again

On Sunday, I hosted a clothes swap party – the second one I have hosted this year.

Have you ever heard of swishing? It’s about swapping clothes with friends. The term comes from the sound of silk rustling, i.e. your wonderful clothes now swish out the door with your friends.

I had a fabulous, fairly ad hoc, clothes swapping party in January. I’d planned this one since last October, and wasn’t sure whether to still hold it or not as many of my Canberra friends were on holidays at the coast for the long weekend.

But I went ahead, and I had four fabulous female friends turn up for afternoon tea, clothes and conversation.

Some of my homemade scones, still slightly warm.
My China tea cups

I managed to give away a black jacket and a white, lace dress. And I will be giving away a fun little yellow 1950 style dress. But as I often happens, my cup runneth over. That is, I ended up with wayyyy more clothes and jewellery left after my friends had gone.

This time around, there weren’t many clothes that were the right shape and size for me so I didn’t take too much back. I did, however, take some beautiful pieces of jewellery from my friend Steph. It must be karma I think from my recent earring giveaway.

Buy Nothing

Oddly, I gave away more items BEFORE the clothes swap courtesy of my Buy Nothing group. A lady came around and picked up some beautiful floral curtains. My ex bought them years ago as I used to have a matching double bed quilt cover. I loved that bedspread! But I no longer have a double bed. Nor do I have the need for curtains like that. The lady who took it plans to make a dress from the fabric. It’s beautiful fabric – and it’s never been used!

Curtains that I have never used, which will be transformed into a floral dress.

While there, she picked up four kitchen utensils that I still had leftover from my pot luck dinner party a few weekends ago.


  1. A black jacket
  2. A white, lace dress
  3. A blue cotton top
  4. A pair of curtains
  5. 4 x kitchen utensils

Do you enjoy swapping clothes with friends?

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