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Joyfulgiving366 – Day 72 – Sandie from the Lego House

Do you remember Sandie Parkes from The Green Shed, who invited me into the Green Room in her Lego house? I invited her over to my place to record a podcast.

Sandie bought a basket of unusual things along with her. It was like show and tell for grownups who have a passion for interesting stuff.

Sandie Parkes shows a vintage thermos set
Sandie Parkes from The Green Shed shows a vintage thermos set
Vintage Australiana
A WWI hand made lighter
A soldier handmade this lighter during WWI

What to give someone who has everything? Well, Sandie doesn’t want stuff as there are always new things coming into The Green Shed. I did, however, manage to give her a small Lego figurine for her Lego wall at home. Yes, she does indeed live in a Lego house.

The podcast session with The Green House will be online in a few weeks’ time. I can’t wait to share it with you. For now, there are several other episodes that I have published on The Joyful Frugalista podcast, including this recent one.


  1. One small Lego Christmas figurine

Do you have more Lego at home than you know what to do with? Lego is fabulous and is often the birthday present of choice. But sometimes I feel like it breeds! Can you relate?

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