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Joyfulgiving366 – Day 73 – Podcasting and edible weeds

“But I didn’t give you anything,” I said to my friend Bec. “But yes you did, you gave me lunch,” she answered. “And that counts.”

On Day 73, I recorded a podcast with Bec Cuzzillo. It’s a fabulous podcast and I can’t wait to share it with you. We really dive deep into the abundance mindset, and how you channel positive energy. She even concludes it with a short guided abundance meditation.

I was super keen to give things away to Bec, and I even left items out from the clothes swap for her to choose from. I thought she might have gravitated to the bling bling jewellery, or some of the clothes. But no, she wanted for nothing. Has she instead chosen a more simple, spiritual lifestyle?

I’d only just returned from an AirBnB changeover when she arrived, and Neil had also just arrived back from work. “Have you have lunch,?” I asked. On a whim, I’d made a vegan meal the night before that consisted of vegan sausages, lentils and weeds from the school oval. Sounds super not tasty, right? I should explain – the weeds were purslane, which contains the highest land-based concentration of Omega-3.

I’d made a super big batch, and in addition to feeding us for lunch, was enough to gift my AirBnB guest with lunch as well. I was feeling very abundant being able to feed everyone on next to nothing. And it was pretty yum, if I do say so myself.

I didn’t want to include this in my challenge tally, but Bec insisted:)


  1. Vegan stew made with sausages, lentils, tomato and purslane.

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