A yellow plastic capsicum

Joyfulgiving – Day 129 – one yellow plastic capsicum

A yellow plastic capsicum
One yellow plastic capsicum

With COVID-19 restrictions easing slightly it feels good to be getting back into decluttering and giving.

The yellow plastic capsicum

We found a plastic capsicum storer when Neil was going through the shipping container filled with things from a former life at his mum and dad’s place. We brought it home and I tried to use it once, but I found we didn’t really have a use for it (or anywhere to store it).

“No one will want something like that!” said my Neil when I told him I was going to offer it on the Buy Nothing group.

“Well, you bought it!” I replied. Well, I don’t know that is exactly true, it mightn’t have been him that bought it although it did come from his former house. But someone bought it and then never used it.

I have a tomato-shaped plastic container that I use all the time for storing half-cut tomatoes, a much-used op shop purchase. I also have a Wiltshire avocado storer that I use regularly during avocado season. I love avocados but I’m the only one in the house who does, so often I have half an avo that needs storing. But capsicums? We don’t usually have enough to warrant its own container.

The yellow plastic container was picked up super quick by someone on my Buy Nothing group – in fact, the lady who lets me pick lavender from her house each summer. She walked to my place the next day to collect it and I handed it over (while maintaining social distancing).

“This will be so handy,” she said. “I cook for one, I like capsicums and I often find I’ve got half a capsicum at the bottom of the crisper and then I can’t find it when I need it.”

I always find it amazing that sometimes things I have that I have no use for, that I almost think are silly to give away, are exactly what someone else needs or wants.

Pizza and karaoke night

My friend Ming wanted to catch up with me to chat money and savings. She has started listening to my podcast and is a recent frugalista convert. “OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually thinking about ways to save money now,” she said over and over. And I can see that somewhere, for her, the penny has dropped and she has had an ‘ah ha’ moment about her finances, specifically how to balance the joy of spending now with the deferred joy of investing.

We organised to go for a walk rather than a coffee because I’m frugal and also I like to go for a walk every day. After our walk I asked her if she wanted to stay for Pizza Friday (our weekly ritual) plus Karaoke Friday (our other ritual). It felt so good that, with zero active cases in the ACT and easing of restrictions, I can now ask a friend to stay for dinner and karaoke without having to freak out about having potentially caused a pandemic. (For reference, we still maintained social distancing and Neil and I have both downloaded the COVID-19 safe app – we are still committed to ensuring appropriate measures are in place to prevent a second wave.)

We had lots of fun making pizzas, and Neil decided to make a YouTube video. We had just come back from a walk and I had seriously bad hair – bad hair day and exercise clothes and in isolation dress down mode, but all good – imperfect action!

They were just as yummy as they looked. Yummier, I think. The supreme had lots of pineapple on it – LOTS of pineapple pieces!

[P.S. We hope to do more YouTube videos now that Neil has built a computer with enough grunt to handle the editing. Please subscribe to The Joyful Frugalista channel – I’d love your support! And do let me know what you would like me to YouTube about!]

After pizza we had lots of fun singing karaoke ballads together. I had enjoyed singing a few old Chinese songs (and they are old, I’m not up with modern culture) with Ming, and we had fun introducing her to odd Australian rock and other songs she had never heard of. Sometimes it’s easy to forget all those odd little things that make up Australian culture that are hard to explain – until you are doing karaoke.

I had an episode of Money magazine on the table, and she picked it up and started reading it. So as she left, I gave her the copy. It was a great night in!

Sourdough success

One of my sourdough starter recipients in my Buy Nothing group shared photos with me of her amazing sourdough baking efforts. Aren’t they amazing?


  1. One yellow plastic capsicum storer;
  2. One copy of Money magazine.

Do you have any end of week rituals? How do you celebrate the end of Monday to Friday?

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