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Joyfulgiving – day 162 – boys clothes and bikes

It’s getting cold and dark, and my decluttering mojo is suffering. But I’m still back to giving, and every little bit adds up.

Friends and bikes

Over the weekend, Neil helped a mate clean up. This friend was diagnosed as having lung cancer back in March – right when COVID-19 restrictions were coming into effect. He will be relocating to Melbourne soon to be with family, but right now he needs help. I love Neil’s sense of family and community – his values are so strong and it’s just lovely to see.

Neil convinced another friend to help – and he gave that friend a spare bike we had that we didn’t really need. We had this extra bike for my Dad in case he needed it – but he didn’t really need it so it was excess.

Friends and sourdough and clothes

Then yesterday my friend sales coach Misty Henkel came over to chat about Facebook groups. We had a wonderful time chatting about communication methods. I made scones and also baked a loaf of sourdough bread – Neil pulled a freshly baked loaf came out of the oven as we were chatting.

“Would you like some sourdough bread to take home,” I asked.

“No, I’d better not as my husband used to be a baker,” she said. “When our first son was born, he made a special sourdough starter. He used to cradle that starter to keep it warm. Sadly, he accidentally killed it a litt.e while ago.”

“Would you like some starter?” I asked.

“Ooh, yes please!”

I’m yet to hear how the starter went, but I know one thing was a winner: a soccer shirt.

I offered this shirt to her as she was leaving for her son. I wasn’t sure if it was something he would like or not. My kids had never worn it; I’m not sure why, but they have so many things.

And she spied a skipping rope in the Who Gives a Crap box, which I’d bought on a whim years ago and never used. “I’ll have that if you don’t mind,” she said.

I didn’t mind at all; I was glad to be decluttering. And I was even happier to receive some photos of her handsome young son. Doesn’t he look happy?


  1. Giant bike
  2. Sourdough starter
  3. Blue and yellow soccer shirt
  4. Wooden skipping rope

What would you like to receive from a friend?

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