Joyfulgiving – day 163 – one Bunnykins mug

Having realised how close I am to #366 items, I’m now on a renewed mission to see if I can give away 1,000 items by the end of the year. And today I gave away one more.

I used to have a cute Bunnykins bowl and mug set. I was gifted it when my eldest (now 10 and a half) was born. He used it, then his younger brother. But now he’s a super cool grade 5 kid who prefers to drink from a glass. I’ve had it in the back of my cupboard, and now it was time to pass it on.

I put it on my Buy Nothing project group, and it was picked up super quickly by a mum with a young baby. “We were gifted the bowl and cutlery at the baby shower,” she said. She wanted it for when baby was older. It felt good to give it to someone who had the exact same set, or pieces of, and who would use and value it.

Buy nothing karma

Speaking of my Buy Nothing group, this evening I found this offered up:

27 Dresses

I gave this to a lovely lady in my Buy Nothing group in January. Now she’s gifted it to someone else who used to watch this with her sister when she was younger. I’m so glad that rather than taking up space in my CD drawer in my entertainment unit (yes, I still have one of those and use it) that it is being enjoyed. It’s a good rom com movie!


  1. A Bunnykins mug

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