Joyful Giving: DIVA


Giving away items starts one at a time – and sometimes I give away unusual things.

This week I released a podcast with straight-talking business coach April Mack. April has a way of inspiring people who coaching to do amazing things, including through her DIVA group. DIVA stands for Divinely Inspired Valiant Action, which is what she helps people achieve.

So of course I had to give her a DIVA diamond.

I received this diamond keyring in Antwerp in 2018, when I attended the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme inter-sessional meeting. The gift arrived in my room with this note:

DIVA is a museum in Antwerp dedicated to diamonds and jewellery. We were lucky to visit it not long after it opened, and it was amazing! This is my Neil and I standing in the square just in front of the museum. Neil is wearing an opped tuxedo ($25), and I’m in a little Anthea Crawford number ($15). Don’t we look the glamour couple!

And this is a real diamond, a genuine rough diamond. I might look casual with it, but there was no way I could have disappeared with it (nor would I have wanted to). An hour or so later, during a tour of the Anterp Diamond Office I viewed a few little bits of bling including a pair of soft pink diamond earrings (USD$1 million each), a glittering square cut diamond (USD$3 million) and then finally, a 157-carot heart-shaped diamond worth USD$30 million.

Back to April and what she does, she is amazing. The podcast is raw and authentic, and she shares how she discovered she was in debt, and battled her fear of finances to get back on track. This is a must listen podcast.

I also gifted April a necklace – as you do. Because I’m into giving joyfully and I like gifting things. It brings me so much joy.

Joyful Giving

  1. A DIVA diamond shaped key ring
  2. A blingy bling necklace

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