Joyful Giving – four glass jars and Zero Waste Revolution


I gave away four glass jars – to an inspiring environmental activist.

A few months ago, I hosted a small meeting at my apartment to bring together some people passionate about the environment.  This included the fabulous Mia Swainson, who is behind the Zero Waste Revolution.

Zero Waste Revolution – Festival 2020

What I love about Mia and her work is the way that she makes sustainability accessible for many families. She’s passionate about what she does – her family even has a carbon budget!  Yep, many families don’t even have a financial budget, let alone a carbon one. Kirsti McQueen and I recorded a fabulous podcast with her on This Abundant Life. 

This week, Mia and team are organising the fabulous Zero Waste Revolution online festival. I’m so excited to be one of the presenters on this program, along with headline talent Jackie French.  And I even made The Canberra Times this morning as part of the event promotion. My son, Audie, was super excited to be part of the photo!


As part of my Joyful Giving campaign, I look for ways to give things away – often in innovative ways. I know that Mia makes jam as presents for friends and family, so I offered her glass jars.

What do you do with your jars when they are empty?  I have a bit of a glass jar obsession.  I have a whole cupboard dedicated to glass jars, and yet even it isn’t enough. I have a second cupboard that is mostly full of glass jars, some down in the cage in the underground carpark, and more hidden in my boy’s bedroom.

And I persevere with getting the sticky bits and labels off. The best method I have found is to wash them in the dishwasher first, as the heat will often help much of the labels come off.  For the residual sticky-bits, I like to use a bit of coconut oil to rub it off. Like attracts like, so the sticky glue is attracted to the coconut oil.  Eucalyptus oil also works for this purpose.

One of the reasons I have so many jars is that I like to use them for storing food in the cupboard, fridge and even freezer. I also use them for making jams and preserves.  Hubby is currently away with work, and now often working from home – but when he is at work he usually likes to take his muesli with him in a former vegemite jar.  The nice, wide mouth makes it perfect for storing things.

I like to have lots of jars on hand – just in case. But I have to admit that I now have way more than I need.

I offered Mia some jars. I thought she might take dozens. 

“I would like four,” she said. 

“Really, you woudn’t like some more,” I asked. 

“No, just four,” she replied.

There’s sustainability right there – only accepting the abundance that you need. I think I need to learn a bit more from her.

Joyful Giving

4 x glass jars

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