Joyful Giving – SCOBY and one red cushion

One fluffy red cushion

It’s getting warmer now, and I’m finding people are interested in making more kombucha.


I had a journalist and a photographer over at my place on Friday. As you do. We got to chatting. “What is that funny stuff you are growing there,” asked the journalist.

“Ah, that’s my SCOBY,” I said. “It’s quite a bit mother and has lots of children.”

“I’ve always wanted to make kombucha,” she replied.

“Well, would you like some?” I offered.

So of course I sent her home with a jar filled with SCOBY. The photographer was hinting that he wanted some as well, so I ticked off two more items on my tally.

One red cushion

I picked up a fluffy, red cushion at The Green Shed a few months ago. I bought it for my youngest son, who loves blingy cushions. Unfortunately (and rather oddly), he didn’t like this one. I listed it on my Buy Nothing group and someone came and picked it up today.

“I’m so excited – thankyou,” she said. “My room is decorated in red and blue and this will be perfect!”

You never know how something that is just clutter for you is just perfect for someone else.

Joyful Giving

  1. SCOBY x 2
  2. Red fluffy cushion

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