A pair of blue ski pants

Sunday Savings – cleaning with your ski pants


Ah, the weekends. You would think they are a time of infinite fun – and I do have fun on weekends – but as a mum it’s often the time when I do the most housework and cleaning.

Have you noticed my Household Hacks page? It’s filled with many tried and tested ways to clean and organise your house on a budget – and sustainably. Before going out and spending a fortune at the supermarket on harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment and for your kids (or animals), check out the handy hints there.

Which brings me to ski pants.

The ultimate shower screen cleaner

I’m short at 149cm, which means that nearly every pair of pants I buy has to be taken up. This includes my ski pants. The year before last I bought a pair of ski pants at ALDI, and then spent almost as much as I did buying them getting them taken up. It’s just the way it is as you can’t go skiing with long pants, and you can’t really roll them up, either.

The tailor gave me the 10cm length of fabric that she had cut away from each leg to keep. I had no idea how I would use it, but kept it in a drawer ‘just in case’. I found it while looking for my ebike keys. “This feels a bit abrasive – I wonder if I could use it for cleaning?” I thought to myself.

I tried rubbing it on my shower screen and, hey presto, the scum came off. This is how it works:

  1. Take a piece of dry polyester, waterproof material (aka offcut from ski pants) and rub the outer side over soap scum on a dry surface such as a shower screen.
  2. The scum will rub off – it works a bit like sandpaper. This will take a little while but it’s the most effective shower cleaner I am yet to find. You can use the inside rubber lining to polish or clean as well.
  3. You can wash and reuse the material.

There you go – waste not, want not! I’ve just discovered an amazing, chemical free shower screen cleaner and I’m hooked.

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