Joyful giving – approaching the silly season

It’s now approaching the silly season when even I find myself caught up in spending.

Yep, I spent up big on the Black Friday sales. To be honest, we had planned to and there were specific things we were after. Maybe one or two extra things found their way into my shopping cart. But actually, I was pretty self-controlled. At least, that’s what I tell my self. I’m mentioning this because in a way, while trying to give away things I still find there are things I need and want. I still have an addiction to ‘stuff’.


Not quite as self controlled with op shopping, but still not too bad. On Saturday, my lovely friend Erna came over and we went op shopping. I thought she would be shopping, too, but other than a few bits of bling she didn’t buy too much. I wish I could say the same for me – but then I really loved what I picked up so no regrets!

I, did, however manage to give Erna one top. She’s super petite so not many of my clothes suit her. But sometimes you can be surprised what fits people, and on this occasion it worked.

The tally so far

What does this have to do with Joyful Giving? Well, just that I’ve been distracted with hitting the end of year goals. But speaking of goals, I just worked out that I am now up to a whopping 681 items! I really want to hit 1,000 by 30 December. Let’s see how it goes.


This week, I gave away three necklaces. I love my jewellery and I love a bit of bling, so I have a lot to share. I gave away two necklaces to course facilitators (I know, odd right, but I felt called to do it) and one to my friend Misty Henkel at the conclusion of her successful The World’s Biggest Networking Event last Friday night.


She was riding on a high after that event – and with good reason. Well done, Misty!


Remember these? I do. I still even listen to them occasionally. But mostly, hubby downloads them onto a USB stick and we listen to them in the car.

I gave away two CDs to people in my Buy Nothing group. And I want to give away a lot, lot more!

I also gave away some fashion tattos for young girls, also through Buy Nothing.

I had planned to have a big catchup with our group on Saturday night. But, there was a severe wind warning. Oh, and a thunder storm. And 35 degrees heat. So I cancelled it. I plan to organize another one soon.


Yep, I gave away yet another SCOBY for making kombucha. They are a popular thing – especially in summer. If you live in Canbera and want one, please let me know.


I also gave a fiction book about wine to the lovely Jeanene from Winederlust.

Jeanene has just launched her podcast. Make sure to subscribe and share the love! I also featured on one of her episodes, talking about one of my favourite topics – Canberra!


Salad anyone?

What to give a friend who is a minimalist? Not much, but that said I have managed to give my friend Hazel a surprising amount of things during this challenge, including a portable salad container.

This is super nifty – it is insulated, it comes with its own fork AND it has a special place for dressing.

You might wonder why I’m giving it away. Well, for some odd reason I never used it. I don’t know why. I just didn’t. I tended to use an old vegemite jar instead when I needed to transport something. And now I work from home most days so I don’t need it. I’m glad it’s gone to a good home.

Joyful Giving

  1. 3 necklaces
  2. 2 x CDs
  3. Fashion tattoos
  4. Jade green Zara top
  5. Portable salad container

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