Joyful Giving: GIVIT

Have you heard of GIVIT? Well, if you haven’t and you’re looking to give to the community in a meaningful way, check them out. came about in 2008 when founder Juliette Wright tried to donate baby clothes – only to find out that they had plenty but needed other things. This is often a problem with charities. We might think they need stiletto high heels and jeans, but many charities might actually need things like school uniforms. We don’t know unless we are asking our community what they want. And GIVIT’s platform aims to do exactly that: it facilities charities being able to ask for what they actually need.

I’ve been stalking GIVIT for a bit and watching what they needed. And finally I had something to offer: a spare computer mouse and a monitor.

IT equipment

My lovely hubby upgraded me to a wireless mouse some time ago (he’s my tech guru), so we had a spare mouse at home. And we also had a spare, working monitor – not from us, but from one of my neighbours who had been decluttering.

The local coordinator lived closeby so it was super easy to drop off. And it felt soooo good. I can’t wait to gift more items.


GIVIT currently has several appeals this Christmas – if you are looking for a way to support make sure to checkout their website.

Remember the bushfires? Those affected have not forgotten. Handmade and GIVIT (Canberra) have combined to offer a way to buy local and help those who are bushfire affected. Buy something from the online Handmade shop as a donation for bushfire affected families, and GIVIT will package and send to families in the Canberra region.

Joyful Giving

A computer mouse and a monitor to GIVIT.

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