Joyful Giving – here we go round the mulberry bush

Last night my youngest son and I had a lovely time picking mulberries.

The mulberry trees belonged to a lady in my Buy Nothing Project, She generously offered for people to come and pick mulberries. And my son was delighted – he had so much fun!

While there, I also picked up some lavender, as I have in past years, which I will use to make lavender wands.

Being part of a sharing community is all about giving and receiving. Earlier this year, I gifted this same lady 13 plastic sealing pegs. We had been thinking of buying some more plastic pegs as we were running low. Then my friend, Trish, offered to give me some. In the meantime, another friend (who moved to Melbourne) gifted us a large bag. The mulberry lady put a call out for some – I had too many so I walked it around to her.

The more you give, the more you receive. And yesterday was evidence of that!

Joyful Giving

13 x plastic sealing pegs

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