Joyful Giving – would you like a set of steak knives with that?

Sometimes, random gifts end up being just the gift someone wants.

I found this book by Tim Shaw – formerly well-known as the TV face on Demtel ads and now a Canberra radio host – in The Green Shed a few months ago. I’ve been meaning to read it. But before I got to it, I had a visitor who I knew would.

Misty Henkel, sales and marketing coach, came to my place last week for a Facebook Live. You can watch it here – we had great fun talking about how to get around the spousal objection.

As she left, I saw Tim Shaw’s book on my bookcase. Not long after, she posted about how much she enjoyed reading it. it was just the exact right book for her!

Joyful Giving

Book: Tim Shaw’s Sales Success Secrets.

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