Joyful Giving – lavender friends

My friend Erna aka @simplycheecky with lavender wands

The true joy of giving is often how it strengthens friendships. And over the last two days, I’ve been happy to have been able to give some things to my friend Erna.

Gifting is about giving and receiving. And I receive so much from Erna’s friendship. For starters, she takes all of my glamour shots. I’m not big on taking selfies of myself!

Erna and her husband came over to visit on Boxing Day. My hubby is a bit of an unsung computer whizz, and he fixed an old laptop that her husband had. The laptop was running slow, and hubby updated software, got it running well and handed it back. Because that’s what he does.

I was also able to give her two lavender wands. I pick the lavender from the garden of someone in my Buy Nothing project group, and I make various Christmas things with them.

And then plums. We foraged for some of the best plums ever at a tree on the side of the road while out visiting family. We sent Erna home with some plums. I think she likes them.


  1. Lavender wands x 2
  2. Laptop IT help
  3. Computer mouse
  4. Plums

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