Joyful Giving: bees

Sometimes odd things you have that you think no one else will use end up being the bees knees to someone else.

Small bees

Case in point some little wooden bees I purchased somewhere – The Reject Shop maybe? I’ve had them for years, as in over a decade, i.e. before my kids were born. They have been hanging around in my present packaging box. I look at them from time to time and think that maybe I will make something cute with them one day. But honestly, I never have and I think I’m now at the point where I never will.

I discovered them recently while seaerching for some ribbon in the box for my Christmas cake. I put it out on my Buy Nothing project group, and pretty quickly it was taken by a lady whose partner is a bee keeper. She is planning on making something crafty for him for Christmas.

A honey spoon?

And then I found this thing in our box of stuff to give away. I *thought* it was a honey ladle. Someone collected it as she had just received some honey from family.

It turns out this contraption was an egg beater. Apparently, you put it in egg whites and rotate up and down. Hubby had a bit of a laugh at my expense about me not knowing about it. I didn’t care.

Joyful Giving tally

A bag of little wooden bees

An egg beater

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