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Joyful Giving: summer reading

Do you like to read over Christmas/New Year? I do. And I love giving away books at this time.

This is Janine. She is a friend, and also my adviser at the Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre. I had a great session with her before Christmas – and I rocked up with two books to gift her.

Janine has lots of wisdom to share, and I had a great podcast with her. If you’ve ever thought of starting a business, this is a must listen to.

The first book I gave her is Girls Night In – a compilation of short stories. She seemed really excited to receive this – turns out she has another in this series. It’s a great book for a quiet night at home reading and enjoying peace and quiet (as many mums know, this doesn’t happen so often).

The second is Troll Hunting by local Canberra writer Ginger Gorman. It’s a dark book, which I consider essential reading for anyone who has an online presence. I’ve been trolled, but thankfully not too badly. I hope it stays that way.

Joyful Giving

2 books

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