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I love cooking – and I love cooking from scratch. But sometimes, I’m tired and not feeling super creative in the kitchen. And that’s because life happens at a frantic pace – and is rarely perfect. In my household, things are usually rushed, and with kids and family and business and work and sports training, we are kept on our toes. That’s been the case, especially in recent weeks as hubby has been away with work on and off since late January.

I’ve been trialling EveryPlate. And I must admit, while I initially worried that I might lose my place as a domestic goddess at home, everything seems to go so much smoother when I’m using EveryPlate.

My fussy eater is super happy

I have the world’s fussiest eater. Well, it’s not really a competition but my eldest son is picky and it can be hard to find healthy things to fill him up. There’s a reason for this: he has mild cerebral palsy and problems chewing. He’s become super picky about food as a result.

EveryPlate is a winner for him – he likes the meals and (given he usually doesn’t like to try new things) that says a lot. My youngest son is also super happy with the meal choices with Every Plate. He’s happy to have a few different meal choices, and I’m happy to be able to expand our family meal repertoire.

Dieting parents are happy

Hubby’s GP recently told him he needs to lose weight, and I know I need to lose weight. We are looking to eat a bit more healthily. One of the things I am enjoying about EveryPlate is that I can cook meals that are both tasty for the kids, and that is just a little bit healthier for the kids.

For instance, last week I cooked Indonesian beef meatballs (super yum). The kids had theirs with a generous side of white rice.

Meanwhile, I made mine into a type of Buddha bowl with brown rice, the Asian coleslaw salad and pork meatballs. Yum!

Easy peasey

Part of the reasons EveryPlate worked for us as a family is that the meals are super easy to cook – family-friendly and beginner junior Masterchef easy. There is no magic eye of newt, or ‘just spend 2 1/2 hours doing something complex then come back and cook’ type pretend easy. It is genuinely easy, peasy.

It’s easy to think that easy = lazy or non-gourmet, but as a food writer I can tell that a lot of thought has been put into the menu planning of the meals. It’s easier to develop hard than it is to develop easy – and there are a lot of simple and well thought out short cuts. I’m finding that EveryPlate is a fun way to get my kids a bit more involved in cooking, especially as the steps make it easy for them to follow the instructions.

It’s in the cards

Each recipe has a recipe card that goes with the meal. My kids love using the menu cards and looking at the photograph to pick what they want for dinner. I find them saying to me “can we have this one tonight – please?” The recipe cards remind me of those retro menu card boxes that have now become sought after by op shoppers.

As a frugalista, I’m saving the cards for future use. It’s a great way to get over the ‘what’s for dinner’ block that can happen (even to those of us who like cooking).

Generous provisions

As a frugalista, another thing I liked was the generous provisions – especially the protein component of the meals. The fruit and vegetables are good quality, and the condiments and sides are well thought out to avoid food waste. I have two people in my household who have healthy appetites, and I found the quantities were about just right for us as a family. In other words, hubby could have seconds, one child could steal a bit more and there were a few additional vegies I could use for future meals (did I mention I had a fussy eater in the house?)

Our favourite meal

Last week, we ate three EveryPlate meals. My favourite has been the Indonesian pork meatballs. The chicken with honey/soy was also a hit (I substituted homemade plum sauce and soy). But my kids all-time favourite was the chicken with creamy sauce. And let me just say this sauce is super easy and not at all scary to make.

How it works

For those unfamiliar with EveryPlate, it’s an affordable meal solution for busy families. Their offerings start at $4.99 per serve, which is a lot cheaper than takeaway. You order online and choose three or more meals. The box arrives on Mondays and has everything in it for you to prepare the meals that you need.

If you a double-income working family, sleep-deprived with a new infant at home, or just super, super busy (like we are at the moment), EveryPlate is a great way to keep your sanity, be healthy and make mealtimes super smooth. The menu cards also make it easy to get your kids involved.

Frugalista tip courtesy of one of my readers: order EveryPlate when going away on holidays as this ensures you have everything you need in the quantities you need it. The cooler bag packaging makes it transport friendly for camping trips, and it will mean the person in the family cooking (often mum) can be a bit more relaxed and enjoy the holiday, too.

Special offer for Joyful Frugalistas

When ordering through EveryPlate, use the code JOYFULPLATE to receive 40% off your first box, and 20% off your next two boxes.

This is a sponsored blog post. All views are mine – really, truly I like and use the product.

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